Youth FM Farewell Celebration

As reported previously, Sutton’s open access youth services will be closing, but Youth FM are planning to go out with a bang!

Youth FM Farewell Celebration

Join us on TUESDAY 31st MAY 2016, 6.30pm – 9.30pm at the Youth Zone in the Phoenix Centre. We will be celebrating over 30 years of youth services and over 20 years of Youth FM. All staff who have ever been involved with the youth club and Youth FM are invited to reunite and bid farewell to this fantastic service!

This is a FREE event for ALL current and previous users of our youth clubs or sessions. If you would like to attend, please complete the form below or let us know on Twitter or Facebook (click here for the official event page). Alternatively, you can just turn up on the night!

We are also looking for performers to entertain us on the night. If you’re interested, please contact Jo Tiernan on 07736 338 957 or by Friday 20th May.

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End of an Era Celebration!

Sutton’s open access youth centres and sessions will be closing their doors during the last week of May for the last time (see this page for more information), so we want to go out in style!

Join us on WEDNESDAY 25th MAY, 7pm – 9pm at Sutton Youth Centre for a very special night with music, a photo booth, sports, refreshments and a chance to catch up with youth workers and old friends.

This is a FREE event for ALL current and previous users of our youth clubs or sessions. If you would like to attend, please complete the form below or send an email to with your name and the years / youth centres you attended.

On Facebook? Join the event page here.

We’d love for you to come and share your memories of this very special service.

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Sutton’s Open Access Youth Services to Close

On 25th February 2016 the Children, Family and Education Committee approved changes to it’s Youth Service with a view to providing annual savings of £667,000 from the budget of £1,104,300 the council currently spends per year on Youth Services.

This decision will mean the closure of it’s universal and open access provision in the borough by the beginning of June 2016. This includes sessions at Sutton Youth Centre and the Youth Zone (Phoenix Centre), non referral holiday activities, Sutton Youth Parliament, Youth Engagement activities and the delivery of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Proposals to provide targeted services for vulnerable young people are currently being developed. The proposals for these services will be considered at the next Children, Family and Education Committee (CFE Committee) in June 2016. We will update this website with further news after this has happened.

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Sutton Youth Parliament Elections 2016

The elections to find the new Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP) will be taking place in selected schools across the borough on Thursday 28th January.

The candidates can be seen in the video below:

The candidates and their three pledges:

Emma Furlong:

  1. Better emotional support for students
  2. Campaign for young people to have more of a say in what lessons
    involve, including Citizenship
  3. Tournament day in ALL schools for ALL subjects

Harry Hamilton:

  1. Essential life skills for young people including cooking, self-defence and first aid
  2. More efficient and easy to understand Mental Health services
  3. Sutton Youth festival made for young people by young people

Erin Horsley:

  1. Fast and effective mental health treatment for young people in Sutton
  2. To help educate others and raise the awareness of the LGBT+ Community
  3. To have better shops in Sutton

Alexander Nielsen

  1. Campaign to lower the voting age
  2. Try to introduce more cycle lanes in Sutton
  3. Lobby for a higher minimum wage for young people

Iman Samad

  1. More work experience and job opportunities for young people in Sutton
  2. More leisure activities and things for young people to do in Sutton
  3. Accessible support for young people to deal with their issues

Prianka Sriwickramarajasingam

  1. Mindfulness workshops for students to reduce stress and depression
  2. Develop a youth magazine
  3. Deliver more youth activities with existing resources

Emma Wieland

  1. Raise awareness of all the issues young people face and “bridge the ignorance gap”
  2. Easy access to counselling services for all young people
  3. Interschool competitions covering ALL subjects


You will be able to vote in the following schools:

  1. Greenshaw
  2. Wallington HIgh School for Girls
  3. Carshalton High School for Girls
  4. Cheam High School
  5. Limes College
  6. STARS
  7. Stanley Park High School
  8. Sutton High School
  9. Wilsons School
  10. Overton Grange high School
  11. Sutton Grammar School


The votes will be counted and the results announced on Friday 29 January.


Our candidates poster can be downloaded here for use in schools.

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Sutton Youth Parliament MYP Candidates 2016

The candidates for Sutton’s Member of Youth Parliament 2016 have put together the following video, introducing themselves and showing each of their pledges.

The elections will take place in January 2016 and young people will have the opportunity to vote in selected schools across the borough, with the results being given on Friday 29th January.

2015’s election saw a turnout of an impressive 70.87% and Ethan Smith and Daigan Reid were elected as Member of Youth Parliament and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament respectively.

Sutton Youth Parliament (SYP) is a platform for young people aged 11-19 to be involved in local and national youth issues and decision making that affects young people. The group meets every two weeks at The Quad in Carshalton.

If you would like more information about the elections or Sutton Youth Parliament, please contact us at or on 020 8770 5754. Alternatively, you can tweet us at @SuttonYouth.