Targeted Youth Support Questionnaire and Prize Draw

We at Sutton Youth Support (based at The Quad) have a duty to get in contact with young people aged between 16 and 20 (right up until your 20th birthday!) to update our records on whether you are in some form of Education, Employment or Training (EET) – whether it be sixth form, college, university, gap year, apprenticeship, work, self employment etc.

Whether you are not in any of the above (NEET) either for health reasons, or you’re a teenage parent, a teenage carer, other or seeking EET.

If you would like more information (or support with finding a placement in work, training or education) please email or call 020 8770 5489.

By sending us your information you will be entered into the prize draw. The closing date is 30th January 2015.
Please note that you will need to be aged between 16-20 to take part.

Important Note: Your information is collected sensitively and kept on a secure computerised database in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We only keep your information for as long as it is needed to offer you support.

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Sutton Youth Celebration event 2015 – NOMINATIONS!

Sutton Integrated Services for Young People are hosting a borough wide celebration event on February 25th 2015, at the Secombe Theatre, Sutton and we like you to send us your nominations.

The idea

Sutton is a borough rich with Academic success, and this is quite rightly celebrated through achievement ceremonies and awards events. There are also small pockets where celebration events are held for individual teams who work with hard to reach and vulnerable young people, celebrating their achievements and increasing their self worth and confidence.

However, there doesn’t appear to be an all inclusive, borough wide approach to this, and one that is open for all young people from all walks of life who have had to overcome personal, physical and emotional hardships, and yet still managed to achieve their goals, give something back to their community and inspire others in a similar position to want to do more.

Through this event, we are aiming to do just this, by inviting every organisation and school who works and supports young people who live work or study in Sutton, to nominate and, with the permission of the individual, share their inspirational story so that others may share in the experience and help to celebrate their success.

The event is to be led and co-facilitated by young people, made up from the ‘Teens With a Voice’ initiative and run by Sutton Integrated Services for Young People.

Teens with a Voice are currently facilitated by Sutton Youth Parliament, and are made up of young people from some/all of the following groups:

Award categories and Criteria/Statements:

Personal Achievement Award
This award is designed for you to share the story of a young person/s who have had to overcome a personal hardship to achieve their goals and aims

Physical Achievement Award
This award is designed to share the story of a young person/s who have excelled in sport or physical activities regardless of any particular physical/ emotional barriers or restrictions placed upon them

Community Achievement Award
This award is designed to share the story of a young person/s that does any of the following in Sutton:

  1. Local Volunteering
  2. Project work that brings the local community together
  3. Helps to make the community stronger
  4. Is a community champion
  5. Is working tirelessly for others in their community, young or old

Inspiring Through Performance Award
This award is designed to share the story of a young person who inspires others through any of the following:

  1. Music
  2. Dance
  3. Drama
  4. Public speaking

Overall Outstanding Achievement Award
This award is designed to share the story of a young person/s who encapsulate some of the above, and who is truly an inspirational young person who have not allowed anything that may prevent them from achieving more from blocking their path, whether it is their back ground, disability, history or make up.

How to nominate a young person

If you would like to nominate a young person for any of the above awards, please complete our Nomination Form.

Completed nomination forms should be sent to or post it to Lee Ocsko, The Quad, Green Wrythe Lane, Sutton, SM5 1JW.

 Nomination form Deadline: FRIDAY 16TH JANUARY 2015

Any forms submitted after this date will not be included in the Short listing process, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 17th January 2015.

Important notes about nominations

The nomination forms will be read and deliberated on by a working group of young people aged 13 – 19 from within Sutton.

All young people nominated will be invited to attend the event on 25/02/15 (subject to availability).

The top 3 as chosen by the youth working group will be invited to attend with a guest and the person who nominated them.

The person who nominates someone who is short-listed in the top 3 for an award will be requested to speak to a camera for 1 minute, detailing the story of the person they nominated, to be used at the actual event. We are able to have someone else speak on their behalf, WITH PRIOR PERMISSION FROM THE NOMINEE FIRST AND FOREMOST.




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Sutton Youth Parliament Elections: Update from Rose

During the run up to the Sutton Youth Parliament MYP elections for 2015, we will be posting a variety of updates from our candidates. Today’s update comes from Rose Baker. Previous updates have come from ErinFaridaGranthick, Ethan and Oliwia.

Hello everyone. My name is Rose and I am campaigning to be the next Member of Youth Parliament for Sutton. I have lived in Sutton my whole life, therefore I feel I have a strong idea as to what the borough needs in order to accommodate all its occupants; particularly those under the age of 18. I have one large goal that I would like to achieve should I get elected for youth parliament: To drastically reduce the stereotype that young people are just a nuance to society and that their idea of entertainment is hanging around and bothering those of other ages. I decided to divide this large goal into three smaller goals that I feel allows teenagers to have fun in a way that cannot be seen as negative:

  1. To showcase new bands through low costs concerts for young people.
  • I feel that this pledge can only be a win-win situation for all that are involved. Not only does it provide young people with the chance to have fun for not much money, it also educates their taste in music by having fresh talent perform. In addition, it benefits the bands themselves to perform because it means they are gaining the exposure they need in order to be well known in the music business. The bands would be found the most obvious way: auditions. The word would be spread around the borough that the concerts are happening and anyone who wants to can audition. The reason the cost is able to be low is because it is in the interest of the performers to play for free, therefore the money from the tickets (if there is a cost), would only be from the equipment, and food.
  1. To build more basketball hoops and football pitches in parks.
  • This is more of an update rather than a new idea. The equipment in parks within Sutton is usable but looks a little sad and a bit worse for wear. People want to play with equipment that looks new: like it was made for their generation. I feel that it is justifiable for some of the council’s budget to be spent on refurbishing parks because sport can be a positive activity for so many reasons: it encourages a healthy lifestyle, it is an alternative to potentially illegal activities, and it is fun! Having parks available to play sport is useful for young people because it is absolutely free for them to use, as opposed to expensive sport centres.
  1. To attract more life in Sutton High Street through amateur and school performances.
  • I feel particularly strongly about this pledge because I am passionate about the borough I live in and I want it to be popular and exciting for those who come and visit.  Unfortunately, Sutton High Street is not a popular shopping destination, therefore many shops are shutting down on the high street.  The council have no control over the shops that open in the high street, therefore I felt that there should be another reason for visitors to want to go to Sutton High Street. Performance. There are already occasional performances within the High Street already.   I myself sung in year 5 as part of my choir. However, they are far from being a regular occurrence on the high street.  If they were heavily advertised around the borough and were shown on a more regular basis (one Tuesday night a month, for example), more and more people would want to visit the high street and would possibly want to visit shops whilst they are there, keeping the local businesses thriving.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.   Be sure to #voterose in the up and coming youth parliament election.


Rose is running for MYP for Sutton alongside seven other candidates. You can find out more about them by visiting this page.

The elections will take place on Thursday 29th January 2015 in selected Sutton secondary schools.

What do you think about Rose’s pledges? Have you watched the video showing the other candidates? Please leave any comments in the box below.

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Targeted Youth Support Prize Draw

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Festive fun at Drop In

Last week young people at our Drop In session got into the festive spirit by creating some fantastic Christmas decorations. Their creations can be seen in the photos below:

The Drop In group is part of our Youth Offer and it supports young people who find social situations challenging. Each week young people take part in various activities, such as art, cooking and games, to encourage interaction and build confidence.

Drop In takes place every Friday during term time, 3.30pm – 6.00pm at The Quad.

This group is by referral only. If you are a social worker, key worker, teacher or other professional and you know of a young person who may benefit from this group, please contact Craig Edmunds for more information and to get a referral form. Craig can be reached at or on 020 8770 5754.

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